Our prices

These are the starting prices of the costumes we offer.
Prices will increase depending on the complexity of your character, which includes; number of fabrics needed, special features, markings, rare fabric, etc.

These prices do not include shipping. 

Shipping will be calculated upon completion of your costume, shipping costs vary depending on your location.

  *These prices are subject to change as quality improves.

Head Only - $1,400+

Built on a lycra balaclava with follow me eyes and a detailed nose

Partial - $2,000+


A head, puffy hand paws, and a tail

Plantigrade Fullsuit - $3,500+


 A head, puffy hand paws, feet paws, a bodysuit, and a tail

Digitigrade Fullsuit - $4,000+


 A head, puffy hand paws, feet paws, a padded bodysuit, and a tail

Add- on's

Magnetic Eyelids - $80 per pair

Magnetic Eyebrows - $80

A closer look

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